Stories is introducing Virtual Reality (VR) to its platform

The STORIES project is launching the enhanced and updated version of the STORIES story-telling platform that also enables students to desing, build and explore Virtual Reality environments on Mars. The video demonstrates the use of this feature through the eyes of the user. As can be seen, students will be able to create their stories and build Mars colony using a variety of 3-D objects. But what does it need to create a living, sustainability community on Mars so that humans can survive on the Red Planet? This is one of the challenges that students will face and find innovative, creative solutions. We are looking forward to seeing many new stories that will integrate 3-D environments to the e-books of our students.


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Exploration and pioneering have inspired and shaped civilizations since the dawn of history. Such endeavours are distinguishing characteristics of an advancing civilization. As people explore, they discover, innovate, prosper, lead— and become great. In the Stories of Tomorrow project and in this course, we have selected as the main topic a major challenge for the humankind: The journey to Mars. Space missions, both robotic and human, expand the knowledge of our planet, our solar system, and the universe, leading to the expansion of humankind itself from the Earth to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.