The Stories of Tomorrow Summer School is specifically designed for teaching professionals in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It will introduce teachers to the concept of storytelling as well as inquiry-based science teaching techniques in order to develop, improve and enhance their teaching skills and practices.

The overall goal of the course is twofold:

  • to acquaint participants with the significance and opportunities of storytelling using the Stories of Tomorrow digital storytelling platform;
  • to enable teachers to successfully use, develop and support the creation of students’ stories using innovative, ICT based tools and techniques, including VR and AR, that will help students use their creativity to learn about science topics related to space exploration.

Learn how to use and embody digital storytelling in your teaching and curriculum!

Storytelling is a great way to support the development of students’ inquiry skills and help them gain initial scientific experience while at the same time enable to them to use the potential of the imagination and creativity. Students that have been exposed to scientific topics by creating and designing their own story lines and using techniques such as creating videos and/or animations, are more likely to develop a long-lasting motivation and interested in science topics.

Consequently, the specific objectives of the course are to:

  • Introduce STEM teachers to the concepts and skills of storytelling
  • Demonstrate its various applications in science learning activities by combining science learning with artistic and creative activities
  • Familiarize participants with the Stories of Tomorrow storytelling platform as well as other educational digital repositories
  • Develop teachers’ ICT skills through the use and application of the Stories of Tomorrow storytelling platform, tools and services
  • Engage participants in preparing, uploading and sharing digital stories using learning resources and activities in the Stories of Tomorrow platform
  • Foster the culture of collaboration among teachers of different science disciplines in organizing multidisciplinary activities.

Overall, the course has a significant and important European dimension: Participants from all over Europe will become part of an active and growing community of practice to exchange and share ideas, experiences, concerns and educational resources with fellow teachers across Europe and introduce them to on-line learning repositories, portals and educational metadata.